College Station Gay Cruising Areas

  • Texas A M University Academic Building

    Third floor men's room, College Station

    OT visited by police! Time yourself with the breaks with the class schedule for best time. is good. Also 2nd and 4th floor are good to go to a more private place after you hook up.
    Crowd: Anybody. ...

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  • Lick Creek Park

    , College Station

    uge Park with a lot of main trails that lead of into dozens of side trails. You can walk around and get lost and never bump into anyone if you really wanted to. Cops drive by every blue moon (mostly t ...

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  • Texas A M University Harrington Classrom Buliding

    On Campus, College Station

    ruiser Update: Hole is no longer there, was covered up.
    Good gloryhole. The largest that could fit though it would be around 8-9inches. The walls are covred in talk.
    Crowd: College boys, Cor ...

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  • Evans Library 6th floor

    Center of A&M Campus, College Station

    ery good place to meet guys who are trying to bust a load. Guys are always up for a quickie. I've been there a few times and I always find myself with someone new and exciting.
    Crowd: There are al ...

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  • MSC Bathroom

    Texas A&M University, College Station

    Bathroom. Last is semi-spacious.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys.

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  • Evans Library 3rd floor

    Third floor bathroom, College Station

    Crowd: Students and profs.

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  • Hensel Park

    502 College Av. Bryan TX, College Station

    Cruisy park with lots of trails and dense
    woods. Busy, but be aware that university cops
    do patrol.
    Crowd: college guys wanting to get blown.

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  • MSC Basement

    , College Station

    The bathroom is in an L shape, with the sinks and urinals on the same wall, and the stalls coming off perpendicular.

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  • Kohls Culpepper Plaza

    1701 Texas Avenue, College Station

    Just your average local department store. The men's restroom is located at the back right corner of the store near housewares, by the customer service desk.

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