Colorado Springs Gay Cruising Areas

  • Widefield Park

    , Colorado Springs

    A quiet park in the suburbs. The restrooms are cruisy but small. Guys hook up there and go off to small wooded areas for action.

    rating of Widefield Park
  • Palmer Park

    , Colorado Springs

    Crowd: Everyone from hot to older guys who like to be off.

    rating of Palmer Park
  • U of C Library

    1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy , Colorado Springs

    rating of U of C Library
  • Bear Creek Recreation Area

    , Colorado Springs

    Crowd: No one yet, just me. But it's a cool place, so everyone should start going!

    rating of Bear Creek Recreation Area
  • Mervyns Citadel

    820 Citael Dr. E. , Colorado Springs

    Crowd: Bi and gay guys for the most part.

    rating of Mervyn's (Citadel)
  • Macys formerly Foleys

    Ciditel Mall , Colorado Springs

    Double door to get into restroom, lots of stalls private.
    Crowd: Shoppers, gay, bi, str8 and men.

    rating of Macy's (formerly Foley's)
  • Barnes and Noble Booksellers Citadel

    795 Citadel Dr E , Colorado Springs

    There are 3 stalls. Just sit on the toilet and chill; most guys who cruise there are very noticable because they'll either be reading a book on the toilet or you can hear they're not pooping or doing ...

    rating of Barnes and Noble Booksellers Citadel
  • Crowne Plaza formerly Sheraton Hotel

    I-25, and South Circle Dr. , Colorado Springs

    Crowd: Travelers, locals, and guys who hang out at the lounge.

    rating of Crowne  Plaza (formerly Sheraton Hotel)
  • Barnes and Noble Booksellers Chapel Hills

    , Colorado Springs

    Crowd: All ages. Mostly older guys but there might be some younger sometimes too.

    rating of Barnes and Noble Booksellers Chapel Hills
  • Garden of the Gods Main Parking Area

    , Colorado Springs

    If the park is empty, the restrooms work great for head, or in the gazebo. (Rock Hut). There's a bench to sit on for head in there. Also, the trail down into the park has many private areas to go, or ...

    rating of Garden of the Gods Main Parking Area
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