Columbia Gay Cruising Areas

  • Senate Street

    , Columbia

    t is a street off of Sumter street, near the Statehouse. It has grass medians in the middle, where you make your u-turns. There are also some guys walking on the sidewalk that will come over to your c ...

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  • Peachtree Rock Natural Area

    Peachtree Rock Road, off Hwy. 6, between Lexington & Swansea, Columbia

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  • University of South Carolina Thomas Cooper Library

    USC Campus, Columbia

    Mens Restrooms in The Thomas Cooper Library at USC-Columbia.
    Crowd: College Students.

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  • Granby Park

    , Columbia

    Paths and trails to the right by bathrooms are best. Some tables and benches can be used in the early am.
    Crowd: All ages, mostly college students.

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  • University of South Carolina Russell House Student Union

    , Columbia

    his cruisy restroom has had the doors
    removed from the stalls. Most of the
    action occurs at the undivided urinals
    which are out of sight of restroom's
    entrance. Best time seems to be f ...

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  • Ft Jackson

    The hospital on base, Columbia

    ight about 4:30 the building is about done emptying out except for the guys looking for . If someone is in the getting , you can wait outside until he comes out. Then go in and take his place. Someti ...

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  • Riverfront Park

    100 Laurel St., Columbia

    There are many spots you can get yourself some action. Everybody goes there for the same thing, so handle your business when you get there!
    Crowd: Black men that are hot and and want some action.

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  • University of South Carolina Campus Gambrell Hall

    , Columbia

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  • Gardendale Put-In SCEampG Landing Park on Saluda River

    Off Bush River Road, down Garden Valley Lane, Columbia

    n the days I was there, there were some 10 to 12 guys who came and went each day. Hard to say for sure, but my guess is most of the action is quick blow jobs. However, the isolation and size of the ar ...

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  • Dutch Square Mall

    Bush River Road, Columbia

    he restroom has a good setup for cruising. After coming in the door there is a foyer before entering the restroom. There is a large peephole between the first two s and a large handicapped . Some acti ...

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