Columbus Gay Cruising Areas

  • Ohio State University Ohio Union

    1739 North High Street, Columbus

    One-on-one through the and under the stalls --up action at urinals and in front of stalls.
    Crowd: sutdents, faculty and guys from all over town

    rating of Ohio State University Ohio Union

    3889 Votes

  • Heisel Park

    , Columbus

    rating of Heisel Park

    1757 Votes

  • Goodale Park

    Park St, Columbus

    open for anything u want
    Crowd: anyone u can think of having. (Ed. But be careful. Although a great gay town, they did suffer a rainbow flag burning this gay pride.)

    rating of Goodale Park

    2616 Votes

  • Lou Berliner

    , Columbus

    Mostly paved, but has wooded trails along the river.
    Crowd: Anyone

    rating of Lou Berliner

    2030 Votes

  • Pizzurro Park

    , Columbus

    Crowd: Park cruiser types.

    rating of Pizzurro Park

    1765 Votes

  • Eastland Shopping Center Sears

    2740 Eastland Mall, Columbus

    rating of Eastland Shopping Center Sears

    2161 Votes

  • City Center Mall

    High Street, Columbus

    Whole mall area is very cruisy.
    Crowd: Mall .

    rating of City Center Mall

    1707 Votes

  • Durancreaux Park

    , Columbus

    Crowd: Blue & white collar. Mixed ages.

    rating of Durancreaux Park

    1640 Votes

  • Lower Scioto Park

    , Columbus

    Crowd: All ages and types.

    rating of Lower Scioto Park

    1737 Votes

  • Hyatt Regency Capital Square

    Third and State Streets -- downtown Columbus, Columbus

    wo private cubicles and urinals in each restroom. Tap foot scenario. Little traffic, so fairly safe. First floor restroom has double doors for recovery time.
    Crowd: Businesslike; curious out of tow ...

    rating of Hyatt Regency Capital Square

    1993 Votes