Dayton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wright State-Fawcett Hall

    Col. Glenn Highway, Dayton

    awcett Hall bathroom has 3 urinals against the wall. Sit in the john, which has a good view of all three unrinals. Can tell someone is interested when they hang around and start slowly stroking. There ...

    rating of Wright State-Fawcett Hall

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  • Macys formerley Dayton Mall Lazarus

    2700 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton

    6 urinals in front of 8 stalls.
    Crowd: Usually all types. Good dayz teens and 20's in there.

    rating of Macy's (formerley Dayton Mall Lazarus)

    3758 Votes

  • Barnes and Nobles

    2619 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton

    2stalls next to eachother
    Crowd: Booklovers that , young boys that to mags off the racks.

    rating of Barnes and Nobles

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  • Carrilon Park

    , Dayton

    Crowd: Fit guys - from college boys to older.

    rating of Carrilon Park

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  • Town and Country Mall

    328 E Stroop Rd, Dayton

    t might take awhile as I think this is still a little unknown to most but I usually alwasy get/give a
    You can always usually hear someone coming down the hallway but will have time if not.
    Crow ...

    rating of Town and Country Mall

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  • DeWeese Park

    , Dayton

    This city park is great for cruising. Guys cruise from their cars, on bikes and
    on foot. Several wooded areas but best
    to hook up and take action elsewhere.
    Police do frequent patrols.

    rating of DeWeese Park

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  • Kmart

    601 Woodman Drive, Dayton

    This cruisy restroom has three s and
    one pephole. Most of the action is under
    and can be busy throughout the day.

    rating of Kmart

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  • University of Dayton Library

    Roesch Library, next to Frerricks Center, Dayton

    nder is done, but there's also a big handicapped . There's a lock on the outside bathroom door. The place is deserted most of the time, so you usually don't have to worry about getting caught. If you ...

    rating of University of Dayton Library

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  • Dayton Public Library

    Main location, in downtown Dayton, Dayton

    k, go to the 2nd floor restroom, and sit in a , when someone comes in they will either sit in the nxt to you, or they will use the urial.
    IF THEY USE THE : just start strokin and wait for them to ...

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  • University of Dayton Roesch Library 4th and 6th Floor

    300 College Park, Dayton

    ust go upstairs to the safe quiet bathrooms and jack off with other guys!
    It's great! On yahoo there's a club called UD BIESEXUALS you might have to type in it at the top b/c they usually don't pos ...

    rating of University of Dayton Roesch Library 4th and 6th Floor

    1790 Votes

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