Detroit Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • TNT

    13333 West Eight Mile Rd, Detroit

    embership required Convenient location off freeway, lot's of guarded car parking behind building Lazy staff Clean interior Variety of room sizes with and without video Individual showers Large jacuzzi ...

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  • Body Zone

    1617 E. McNichols, Detroit

    ruiser update: 2/25/2008: the Jacuzzi is back!
    cruiser update: 1/15/08 the Jacuzzi has been taken out and it appears it won't be replaced--The place is very clean and new. They have several types o ...

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  • Triple Bonus Health Club formerly Tranquility Spa

    6700 E. Eight Mile, Detroit

    ruiser update 5/28/2009: Due to a fire in march the upstairs maze is closed off. And also due to lazy owners only 1 out of the 2 steam rooms are open.

    cruiser update 12/2/2008: They have closed ...

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