El Paso Gay Cruising Areas

  • Mills Ave

    , El Paso

    Crowd: Chances are you'll run into someone who peaks your intrest. Sometimes there are A LOT of old guys, NO MEANS NO, just keep looking for yours.

    rating of Mills Ave.

    2730 Votes

  • Best Buy East Side

    9521 Viscount Blvd, El Paso

    Good place to get good action few people use restrooms and are hardly cheaked
    Crowd: All Types

    rating of Best Buy East Side

    2755 Votes

  • Education Bldg UTEP

    500 W University Ave, El Paso

    Crowd: students and those who like how they taste

    rating of Education Bldg @ UTEP

    2269 Votes

  • Liberal Arts restroom

    Schuster Ave, El Paso

    Peep holes, understall action, j/o action, anal if willing.
    Crowd: All ages and races

    rating of Liberal Arts restroom

    3130 Votes

  • Best Convenience Store

    Corner of Alabama and Zion, El Paso

    Crowd: Soldiers living at apartment ccmplez across the street and cruisers.

    rating of Best Convenience Store

    1642 Votes

  • Ponder Park

    , El Paso

    rating of Ponder Park

    2162 Votes

  • Ascarate Park

    6900 Delta Dr, El Paso

    athrooms are crude, but very open. walls are low, so you can see all around. Open and open stalls. No attendent to check. Best times are M-Thurs, otherwise you have to pay toll on Fridays, Saturdays ...

    rating of Ascarate Park

    2080 Votes

  • McKelligon Canyon Park

    , El Paso

    his is a tunnel that runs under the road. It is usually too much effort for the lazy park security officers to walk down the path.
    Crowd: Some oldsters, but sometimes hot soldiers from nearby Fort ...

    rating of McKelligon Canyon Park

    2884 Votes

  • Barnes Noble East Side

    9521 Viscount, El Paso

    n the first this is a peep hole that allows you to see into the handicap bathroom. The person in the handicap bathroom will obviously be aware of the peep hole. If they start to then that means that ...

    rating of Barnes & Noble East Side

    2117 Votes

  • Bassett Center Mall Food Court

    6101 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso

    Crowd: all types

    rating of Bassett Center Mall Food Court

    2342 Votes

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