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    Allerhelligen Str , Frankfurt

    KINO (Theater) and Video Cabins, one with . Two Kinos, One downstairs and one upstairs. Friday 8pm - 100am Kino 2 downstairs for M/F couples only. Other times there are couples bi/gay/married looking ...

  • Dolly Buster

    Kaiserstrasser , Frankfurt

    Upstairs theater, computers you log on and watch , gay and straight. also has three theaters, one large with six computers and large screen showing .

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  • Beate Uhse

    Stiftstrasse 4 , Frankfurt

    Kino theater with different straight movies on each TV screen. Also has small separate theater - about 10 seats.
    Crowd: Mostly married men to get off, but of course gays are there to service them.

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  • Gayrein

    Grosse Friedberger Str 41 , Frankfurt

    Gay cinema with about 9 cabins, all with 1-2 s, and a darkroom. One room even with Gyn-Chair. Always something going on, get through the s often.
    Crowd: Great mix - all ages, all sizes (not just t ...

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  • Josefines- Kino Erotikshop Offenbach

    Platz der Deutschen Einheit 3 , Frankfurt

    Crowd: Gay, bi, married - all sorts.

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