Fredericksburg Gay Cruising Areas

  • Central Park

    , Fredericksburg

    Crowd: Young guys.

    rating of Central Park

    1848 Votes

  • I-95 Southbound Rest Area

    , Fredericksburg

    Crowd: Sometimes older and trolls

    rating of I-95 Southbound Rest Area

    3254 Votes

  • Battlefield Park

    , Fredericksburg

    he picnic area of the park, near the turnaround, is frequented by guys looking for . Guys car cruise from the parking lot or hit the trails through wooded
    areas, which offer privacy for activity.< ...

    rating of Battlefield Park

    2437 Votes

  • Spotsylvania Mall JC Penney

    Rt #3 West, Fredericksburg

    Stalls on the left as you walk in, you can watch the urinals and see who looks back and shows you a prize. My suggestion is to move to Hechts for privacy if that's what you want..
    Crowd: Suits, co ...

    rating of Spotsylvania Mall JC Penney

    2313 Votes

  • Rappahannock River Boat Dock

    , Fredericksburg

    he trail from the boat dock along the
    river is cruisy in late afternoon. Lots
    of married/bi's wanting to get off on
    their way home from work. Very little
    police interference.
    Crowd: ...

    rating of Rappahannock River Boat Dock

    1549 Votes

  • Mary Washington Campus DuPont Hall

    College Ave, Fredericksburg

    mens room with 1hc , 2 normal s, and 2 urinals.
    Crowd: college boys

    rating of Mary Washington Campus DuPont Hall

    1452 Votes

  • Motts Landing Boat Ramp

    , Fredericksburg

    This spot can be hit or miss, and since it is outdoors, it's definitely weather-dependent!
    Crowd: A good mix of blue collar, young, old.

    rating of Mott's Landing Boat Ramp

    1970 Votes

  • Visitors Center Restroom

    Corner of Caroline and Charlotte St., Fredericksburg

    Crowd: All types. Usually the younger business types that work in the area.

    rating of Visitor's Center Restroom

    2009 Votes

  • Einsteins Bagels

    Bragg Road Extension, Fredericksburg

    I'd like to start a pre-commute club here, as these are relatively low-use facilities, and out of sight from the rest of the cafe.
    Crowd: I do, and I'm hoping some other hard dicks will too!

    rating of Einstein's Bagels

    1289 Votes

  • Central Park Movie Theater

    3001 Plank Road Route 3W, Fredericksburg

    here is a bathroom in the hallway between Theaters 12 and 13. The handicap at the end of the row is very large and is the best choice. If you have the balls, an empty (or near empty) theater could al ...

    rating of Central Park Movie Theater

    2110 Votes

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