Fredericksburg Gay Cruising Areas

  • Spotsylvania Mall JC Penney

    Rt #3 West , Fredericksburg

    4 Stalls on the left as you walk in, you can watch the urinals and see who looks back and shows you a prize. My suggestion is to move to Hechts for privacy if that's what you want..
    Crowd: Suits, c ...

    rating of Spotsylvania Mall JC Penney
  • Old Mill Park

    , Fredericksburg

    A big park with a restroom. Can get action in the restroom, in the woods, or in your car.
    Crowd: Young and older.

    rating of Old Mill Park
  • Visitors Center Restroom

    Corner of Caroline and Charlotte St. , Fredericksburg

    Crowd: All types. Usually the younger business types that work in the area.

    rating of Visitor's Center Restroom
  • Battlefield Park

    , Fredericksburg

    The picnic area of the park, near the turnaround, is frequented by guys looking for . Guys car cruise from the parking lot or hit the trails through wooded
    areas, which offer privacy for activity. ...

    rating of Battlefield Park
  • Rappahannock River Boat Dock

    , Fredericksburg

    The trail from the boat dock along the
    river is cruisy in late afternoon. Lots
    of married/bi's wanting to get off on
    their way home from work. Very little
    police interference.
    Crowd ...

    rating of Rappahannock River Boat Dock
  • I-95 Southbound Rest Area

    , Fredericksburg

    Crowd: Sometimes older and trolls

    rating of I-95 Southbound Rest Area
  • Mary Washington Campus DuPont Hall

    College Ave , Fredericksburg

    mens room with 1hc , 2 normal s, and 2 urinals.
    Crowd: college boys

    rating of Mary Washington Campus DuPont Hall
  • Motts Landing Boat Ramp

    , Fredericksburg

    This spot can be hit or miss, and since it is outdoors, it's definitely weather-dependent!
    Crowd: A good mix of blue collar, young, old.

    rating of Mott's Landing Boat Ramp
  • Einsteins Bagels

    Bragg Road Extension , Fredericksburg

    I'd like to start a pre-commute club here, as these are relatively low-use facilities, and out of sight from the rest of the cafe.
    Crowd: I do, and I'm hoping some other hard dicks will too!

    rating of Einstein's Bagels
  • Central Park

    , Fredericksburg

    Crowd: Young guys.

    rating of Central Park
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