Gainesville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Stuzin Hall Mens Room

    University of Florida campus, Business College, Gainesville

    2 urinals, 3 stalls.
    Crowd: Mostly students, but some professors.

    rating of Stuzin Hall Mens Room

    3667 Votes

  • The HUB

    Upstairs bathroom in the HUB on UF campus by computer center, Gainesville

    o s, but private stalls with locking doors. No security or anything that I have noticed, but use common sense.
    Crowd: You'll get anything from 18-22 year old college guys, grad students, even profs ...

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    2166 Votes

  • Oaks Mall Food Court

    6419 Newberry Road, Gainesville

    Crowd: all types

    rating of Oaks Mall Food Court

    1849 Votes

  • Books A Million

    2601 Northwest 13th Street, Gainesville

    he bathroom is spacious, but only has a and two toilets. One being the handicap that is enclosed and private. There's an echo, so noise is a problem. But otherwise it's perfect. Wait to leave the t ...

    rating of Books A Million

    2058 Votes

  • University of Florida Weimer Hall Basement

    Stadium Rd, Gainesville

    This place isn't bad. I off two guys last week, must have been undergrads in Weimer. It's pretty isolated with little traffic.
    Crowd: Students

    rating of University of Florida  Weimer Hall Basement

    3590 Votes

  • Bivins Arm Nature Park

    , Gainesville

    'm kind of new to the cruising scene but found this place from another website. I went here and all the guys seemed to be really interested in me, and my . Tell me what you guys think of it...
    Crow ...

    rating of Bivins Arm Nature Park

    2516 Votes

  • Home Depot NW 4th Blvd

    7107 NW 4th Blvd., Gainesville

    The stalls in the restroom have dividers
    which almost reach the floor and provide
    excellent privacy for action.

    rating of Home Depot, NW 4th Blvd

    1357 Votes

  • KMart

    900 NW 76 Blvd, Gainesville

    Gloryhole between the two stalls.

    rating of KMart

    1744 Votes

  • University of Florida McCarty B 1st Floor

    McCarty B on Campus, Gainesville

    Crowd: College Students

    rating of University of Florida McCarty B 1st Floor

    1842 Votes

  • Williston Road Citgo

    3423 SW Williston Road, Gainesville

    Crowd: I saw where someone wrote cruise's web site on the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. It must be a good place to cruise.

    rating of Williston Road Citgo

    1506 Votes

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