Grand Rapids Gay Cruising Areas

  • Cinemark Movie Theater- Rivertown

    3728 Rivertown Pkwy Grandville, MI 49418, Grand Rapids

    Very movie theater new(within the last 8 years).
    Crowd: Everyone, this is a family movie theater so be discreet.

    rating of Cinemark Movie Theater- Rivertown

    2690 Votes

  • Eastbrook Mall- Centerpoint Mall

    Corner of 28th Street and East Beltline, Grand Rapids

    he restroom has one and two s, most action happens under the .One does not have a door the other one does but doesn't lock. The restroom door is situated behind a partition wall, allowing for recove ...

    rating of Eastbrook Mall- Centerpoint Mall

    3838 Votes

  • Fish Ladder Park

    , Grand Rapids

    Small Green area along the Grand River with a large amount of fisherman.
    Crowd: Mostly guys who are looking to get off quick!

    rating of Fish Ladder Park

    1852 Votes

  • Wal-Mart

    5859 28Th Street, Grand Rapids

    Kind of dingy, grafiti on walls, etc.
    Crowd: Straight men, Gay men, the like.

    rating of Wal-Mart

    2047 Votes

  • Russell Road White Pine Trail Station

    Russell Road and White Pine Trail, Grand Rapids

    Just a nice little parking lot that has no other amenities but is well secluded and not very heavily used. Just bikers and walkers using the trail for exercise.

    rating of Russell Road White Pine Trail Station

    2770 Votes

  • Riverside Park

    2011 Monroe St, Grand Rapids

    Good B/J action in car.

    rating of Riverside Park

    1525 Votes

  • Donald Lamoreaux Park

    , Grand Rapids

    County park with secluded setting,popular with local gay & bi men.
    Crowd: All sorts.

    rating of Donald Lamoreaux Park

    1993 Votes

  • Riverside Park

    , Grand Rapids

    The cruisiest area of the park is by the
    boat launch. Early mornings are mostly
    married/bi looking for before work.
    Noon and later crowd is mixed.

    rating of Riverside Park

    1783 Votes

  • GVSU Locker Room or Library B-room

    Allendale Campus, Grand Rapids

    Zumberge Library 4th floor mens bathroom or the bathroom in the boys locker room in the fieldhouse. Library is more active though.
    Crowd: College Guys.

    rating of GVSU Locker Room or Library B-room

    2667 Votes

  • Knapp Corner Meijer

    Knapp and East Beltline, Grand Rapids

    Crowd: College age guys, married men

    rating of Knapp Corner Meijer

    2954 Votes

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