Green Bay Gay Cruising Areas

  • Coastal Park

    , Green Bay

    Bushes and woods.
    Crowd: Bi, married, young and mixed.

    rating of Coastal Park

    4447 Votes

  • UWGB Hiking Trail

    , Green Bay

    Crowd: College guys looking for action or to .

    rating of UWGB Hiking Trail

    2725 Votes

  • Barkhausen Wildlife Preserve

    , Green Bay

    Crowd: The action is spotty, but I have bumped into a few guys looking for action onn the trails.

    rating of Barkhausen Wildlife Preserve

    3055 Votes

  • Mountain Bay Trail

    , Green Bay

    ood place to meet people, to go to other places. There are a few good spots to get off on the trail. This trail is a good replacement for trails with cops or monitoring.
    Crowd: Many young runners l ...

    rating of Mountain Bay Trail.

    1662 Votes

  • I-43 Denmark Rest Area

    , Green Bay

    Crowd: truckers mostly,but some other guys looking for truckes

    rating of I-43 Denmark Rest Area

    3705 Votes

  • Bay Park Square Mall ShopKo

    2400 Oneida Street, Green Bay

    his is a clean place. There are approximately 6 urinals across from three stalls. The second and third stalls are pretty busy. No s. I went there three different times, between 1pm and 6pm. It didn't ...

    rating of Bay Park Square Mall ShopKo

    2938 Votes

  • Pamperin Park

    HWY 29, Green Bay

    Crowd: Younger guys, frisbee golfers, straight guys looking for some action.

    rating of Pamperin Park

    1658 Votes

  • Howard Village Park

    End of Wieter Rd., Green Bay

    Park is at the end of Weiter Rd. Off of Military Rd. Park has a hiking trail to the river and some smaller trails though the woods.

    rating of Howard Village Park

    1740 Votes

  • Colburn Park

    Fisk, 9th, Ridge Rd, Green Bay

    This Park has been a sweet hangout spot of mine for years and has been very popular for the discreet.

    rating of Colburn Park

    1779 Votes

  • East Town Mall

    East Mason at Main Street, Green Bay

    The restroom in the mall is a good place to meet up with someone. There are two stalls, just be patient and someone will show up.

    rating of East Town Mall

    1475 Votes

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