Greensboro Gay Cruising Areas

  • Battleground Park

    , Greensboro

    his park is cruisy all year, despite
    the restroom being closed in winter. The park's oneway drive leads to a parking area by restrooms. Adjacent area is cruisy, but you should walk into the woods ...

    rating of Battleground Park

    2085 Votes

  • Four Seasons Town Center

    400 Four Seasons Town Centre, Greensboro

    Very good place to look at men's crotches.
    Crowd: Lots of men (white, older men), and me.

    rating of Four Seasons Town Center

    1510 Votes

  • Adams Farm Plaza

    5710 High Point rd, Greensboro

    rating of Adams Farm Plaza

    2065 Votes

  • Hester Park

    , Greensboro

    Crowd: I have seen all types there. Older, younger, married, straight looking, bi, gay and m/f couples playing there.

    rating of Hester Park

    2748 Votes

  • Bojangles

    S. Elm at I-85., Greensboro

    Restroom with one handicapped that has black walls. There are lots of stains visible on the walls and door inside of .
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Bojangle's.

    1234 Votes

  • Target Wendover Ave

    1212 Bridford Parkway, Greensboro

    Crowd: Usually younger guys, college aged and older.

    rating of Target, Wendover Ave

    2398 Votes

  • Brassfield Theater

    Battlegroud Ave, Brassfield Shopping Center, Greensboro

    Crowd: All types

    rating of Brassfield Theater

    1609 Votes

  • China King Buffet

    High Point Rd, Greensboro

    or all you guys out there looking for latino this place is for you. Seems to be nothing but blue collar hispanic guys checking things out. Most are too afraid to do more than let you look but a few ...

    rating of China King Buffet

    1657 Votes

  • Four Seasons Town Center JC Penney

    410 Four Seasons Town Ctr, Greensboro

    Crowd: Different age catagories, mostly guys 20's and older..

    rating of Four Seasons Town Center JC Penney

    1402 Votes

  • University of North Carolina Greensboro - Elliott University Center Lower Level

    Spring Garden St, Greensboro

    rying to get this place hopping... I know some stuff is going on from the stains on the wall... we just need to be more organized about it and we could get this place going
    Crowd: Students, profes ...

    rating of University of North Carolina Greensboro - Elliott University Center Lower Level

    1504 Votes

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