Guadalajara Gay Bars Clubs

  • Angels

    La Paz , Guadalajara

    This clubs is really fun, you will find the upscale gay guys of Guadalajara here! Very cute young guys, a bit snobby, but fun!
    Crowd: Young, upscale ('chicos fresas') gay guys and lesbians.Angels C ...

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  • Caudillos Bar

    Historic Downtown , Guadalajara

    This bar reminds me of Score, Le Barcito, Plaza in LA and it's like Villa Garcias and Rancheros In TJ. It's very trashy, but fun! The bar is in this old historic building that has balconies. This plac ...

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  • La Rosa

    Nueve Esquinas, in historic downtown , Guadalajara

    This place is great! The music, the guys and the environment, they are all great. Wish we had something like this here in the States...Just the buiding in which this club is in is phenomenal!It used t ...

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