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  • Speed River Park

    Cruising Areas

    Path along the river for crusing, well-bushed area for private encounters.
    Crowd: Young and old guys, students, construction workers, mix.

  • Stone Road Mall

    Cruising Areas

    You can watch eachother at the urinals, or retreat to a .
    Crowd: Lots of Mall boys as well as some university boys!

  • Boathouse Tea Room

    Cruising Areas

    Beautiful location along Speed River, park area, but not a lot of traffic.
    Crowd: College students pass by frequently going to and from town, but a

  • Car Park at 401 Hwy 6 South

    Cruising Areas

    The place is pretty new from what I know, but have received some good blowjobs the times I've been there.
    Some regular suckers there who can't get