Hamilton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Battlefield Park

    King and Centennial Parkway , Hamilton

    Quiet area with parking in the back as you come into the park from King St. Evenings are best sit in your car or take a walk. Sit on a table and let someone spot you.

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  • GO Station Downtown

    James and Hunter , Hamilton

    2 s, 1 wheel chair . 3 urinals.

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  • Gage Park

    , Hamilton

    Lots of paths, good bathrooms! Can get a bit dark though. Let your eyes adjust to the night.

    If you like outdoor , there is plenty of room for everybody to hide and be private.
    Crowd: Young ...

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  • Whitehern Historic House and Garden

    41 Jackson St. West , Hamilton

    In the back of this Castle is a garden with thick trees and plants. This is a great place to have a quick hookup. Hungry mouths await.

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  • Rock Garden

    , Hamilton

    Small trail towards the lake and some paths going slightly down the ravine, so you can have while watching the actual parking lot. It's a good spot 'cause there's only one way in and out, so you can ...

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  • Wal-Mart Hamilton

    Upper James and Fennel , Hamilton

    Crowd: Young

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  • Hamilton

    Hamilton , Hamilton

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  • Lakeland Confederation

    , Hamilton

    Nice place for early morning head.
    Crowd: All ages, steel workers, truck drivers, suits.

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  • York Boulevard Lookout Rest Area

    , Hamilton

    Two rest stops on each side of York Blvd, always action, busiest times just after work, around 5pm, till later.
    Has secluded areas and lots of small trails. 30 min. parking limit.
    Crowd: Busines ...

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  • Dundurn Park

    , Hamilton

    It overlooks Hamilton harbour. Brush leads down to the water.
    Crowd: Be careful. Not everyone is in search of .

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