Havana Gay Cruising Areas

  • Seafront

    Malcon sea front at 23 st., Havana

    ou can't miss it. As you drive along the seafront in a Cab you will see lots of men there just drinking and having a good time. There is a petrol (Gas) station opps that you can buy beer from. Buy a f ...

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  • National Capital Building Cruisy area

    centro, Havana

    n the center of Havana is the old Capital building (like the Capital building in Washington DC). As the Cuban legislature does not use the building anymore it is a bit rundown (like all Havana).
    Cr ...

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  • Across the street from Copelia

    23 Street and K Street, Havana

    ou go in and you pay the attendant 5 cuban cents which is less then a US penny and you go into the other room and there it is.
    Crowd: Men on there way to work or home; there's a bus stop in front s ...

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  • Cinema Yara

    , Havana

    ll the cruising is out on the street. Look for the guys just hanging out.
    There is an extremely gray line between gay and straight in Cuba. They tend to be more tops then bottoms. I think it has so ...

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  • El Chivo Beach

    , Havana

    Beach can be quite cruisy at times.

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