High Wycombe Gay Cruising Areas

  • Hampden Road Cemetery

    Hampden Road, just of Hamilton Hill, High Wycombe

    The loo is clean and has one cubicle. No one ever comes in, very quiet, get peace to or strip off.
    Crowd: Best to meet someone and take them there.

    rating of Hampden Road Cemetery

    1768 Votes

  • Penn St wood

    Penn St nr Wycombe, High Wycombe

    Best is to pre-arrange a spot to meet and some sign to say you are up for it. Maybe put something in your hand like a can of drink or a paper.
    Crowd: Only a few know of it at the moment

    rating of Penn St wood

    1481 Votes

  • A404 Layby near Handy Cross junction

    , High Wycombe

    Crowd: Truckers, young guys traveling home after work, business types.

    rating of A404 Layby near Handy Cross junction

    3763 Votes

  • Rye Park

    , High Wycombe

    s you enter the park, over a little bridge, turn right; there is a little road which takes you up to the river. Follow the path around the back of the river. This is where all the action takes place, ...

    rating of Rye Park

    2168 Votes

  • Sainsbury

    At the very front of Sainsbury, High Wycombe

    pdate: It's open again!
    Best to arrange a meet and then go there. You can pick up guys easily in the toilet behind MacDonald's, and get them to with you to this toilet for uninterupted fun.
    Cr ...

    rating of Sainsbury

    1573 Votes

  • New Bus Station

    Bridge Street, High Wycombe

    airly small now compared to the old bus stations toilet.
    2 urinals and 2 cubicles.
    the cubicles are stagered but there's plenty of room for a glory/peep hole.
    Crowd: Teens - 30s... occasional ...

    rating of New Bus Station

    1544 Votes

  • Abbey Barn Road loos

    Off London Road, High Wycombe

    Crowd: Young guys, bi men, builders,some TVs.

    rating of Abbey Barn Road loos

    1742 Votes

  • Tourist Information

    Opposite Tourist Office, High Wycombe

    ouble security door, so pre-warning of others, 2 long urinals and 3 cubicals at the end. 2 big s have been covered up, but I'm sure they'll be open again; there's still holes in the walls to have a lo ...

    rating of Tourist Information

    1734 Votes

  • Washrooms-loos

    Short St, High Wycombe

    Crowd: differant types CDs gaymen BIs.

    rating of Washrooms-loos

    2277 Votes

  • Easton Street Car Park

    Easton St, High Wycombe

    Crowd: All sorts young and older, few builders.

    rating of Easton Street Car Park

    1394 Votes

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