Honolulu Gay Cruising Areas

  • Ala Moana center stage formerly Center Stage Mens Room

    1450 Ala Moana Blvd,, Honolulu

    Major shopping center, so the action is constant. No real s, since they are usually quickly replaced by center.
    Crowd: Teens and older.

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  • University of Hawaii at Manoa Moore Hall

    1890 East-West Road, Honolulu

    This spot has a , two in fact. There is one on the first floor restroom and the other is on the third floor restroom.
    Crowd: College guys, professors.

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  • Keehi Lagoon Park

    Lagoon Drive near Nimitz Hwy, Honolulu

    Cruisy beach area at night near bathhouse and cars parked near end of road.
    Crowd: All types

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  • Sand Island

    , Honolulu

    here are actually two ways to get here. I chose to give the easiest, non-obvious of the two. HOT Cruising spot. Hot men are always frequenting the paths. If in doubt, look on the ground for mags to se ...

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  • University of Hawaii at Manoa Physical Science Building

    2465 the Mall, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu

    ive stalls. Action is off and on. Sometimes stalls are full with guys outside looking in. For spring '01, Tue/Thurs. have the best action.
    Crowd: Students -- all races, some graduated, a few profes ...

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  • Queens Surf

    , Honolulu

    ood swimming. Clean beach. Concession stand and showers. Public cruisy bathrooms. All ages and types! Walk or drive along Kakakaua Ave. toward Diamond Head. Keep walking, taking the winding path along ...

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  • Diamond Head Beach

    , Honolulu

    ocated at the foot of the picturesque Diamond Head Crater, this beach is a haven for wind-surfers and crusy old men who should clearly get a new hobby! Diamond Head Beach can be accessed by following ...

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  • Trails across from Diamond Head

    , Honolulu

    ave had many hot encounters here and enjoyed many a big and hot asses.
    I especially get into group scenes and
    I like to watch and be watched.
    Have had as many as 7 guys at once,
    all sucki ...

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  • Thomas Square Park

    , Honolulu

    square public park, about 80-90 yards on each side. Daytime is not so good, since the park is popular with the general public. Some people try the small men's room. At night it's mostly dark, except ...

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  • Liliuokalani Botanical Gardens

    North Kuakini Street, Honolulu

    isited the park the other day and started off with a blow job. As I was blowing this young college dude, a young buffed Asian guy came in and joined. I had a hot hard in my mouth and a hard hot in m ...

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