Huddersfield Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Marsh Toilets

    Marsh Car Park , Huddersfield

    Small Public Toilet on the edge of the Car Park, open 7am 5pm. One cubicle and one .

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  • Huddersfield Technical college toilets

    Trinity Street , Huddersfield

    College toilets that are not really known about by cruisers.There free so you can make the most of them everyday if u like.These toilets could be used for a long time without anyone knowing because th ...

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  • Asda Toilets

    Huddersfield , Huddersfield

    Toilets consist of 2 urinals and a cubicle.
    As you enter Asda go past the cafe and halfway down on your left hand side you will see the signs for the customer Toilets.

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  • Greenhead park toilets

    , Huddersfield

    Washrooms that have been used for a while but not known much but i know there definitely used.There is 2 washrooms it is the big ones because the small one have bn closed down

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  • University of Huddersfield Library 5th Floor Toilets

    University Library , Huddersfield

    You need a campus card to access the building. Clean surroundings.

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  • Queensgate Market Toilets

    Queensgate Market, Hudds town centre. , Huddersfield

    Can be quite busy, but then again can be quiet for a time. it's clean enough so no hygiene worries I suppose =S
    Crowd: Older guys, younger guys. a few students sometimes.

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  • Town Centre Toilets

    Civic Centre , Huddersfield

    Huddersfields main public loos. Not the best spot I've seen, but getting busier as other places get closed.
    Crowd: All sorts.

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