Huntsville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Huntsville Public Library

    Downtown, Huntsville

    The restroom on the second floor of the
    library can get very active in the
    afternoons. Action sometimes overflows
    to the third floor restroom.

    rating of Huntsville Public Library

    1730 Votes

  • Wal-Mart Supercenter

    6140 University Dr. NW, Huntsville

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Wal-Mart Supercenter

    2964 Votes

  • Montesano Scenic Overlook

    , Huntsville

    've seen it all here. And seen all types. Has been extremely busy lately (2002). Mostly downtown business men or others on their way to/from work in Huntsville and some young studs too. Seen a lot of ...

    rating of Montesano Scenic Overlook

    2943 Votes

  • Books a Million

    Airport Road, Huntsville

    A good place to meet and go elsewhere. Some action in the stalls.

    rating of Books a Million

    2354 Votes

  • Madison Square Mall Sears

    Madison Square Mall, Huntsville

    Crowd: Young college guys frequent during the day. Mostly working guys stop by after 4pm for quickie on their way home. Great action of all sort on weekends.

    rating of Madison Square Mall Sears

    1590 Votes

  • Home Depot Memorial Parkway

    1035 Memorial Parkway, Huntsville

    Door to restroom does not face stalls -- you can hear someone coming in -- but not a lot of warning.
    Crowd: Construction workers, bi married.

    rating of Home Depot, Memorial Parkway

    1883 Votes

  • Cruise loop

    , Huntsville

    Street cruising after dark, WELL known area! Chat in parking lots and go elsewhere. Even busy after bars close on weekends!
    Crowd: Mixed

    rating of Cruise loop

    2122 Votes

  • Beaver Dam Boardwalk part of Joe Wheeler Park System

    , Huntsville

    Parkinglot is a little cruisy, gravel walk is sorta, but lots of poison ivy, end of boardwalk is where most of the action is, Other benches are good for talking.
    Crowd: Mixed as well as families

    rating of Beaver Dam Boardwalk, part of Joe Wheeler Park System

    1374 Votes

  • Brahan Spring Park

    , Huntsville

    he park is cruisy, but no place for action. The restroom sees some action, no glory
    holes but lots of viewing space. Because
    police keep an eye on park activity, guys
    mostly hook up and ta ...

    rating of Brahan Spring Park

    1574 Votes

  • 4 Mile Post Road

    , Huntsville

    Crowd: Woods

    rating of 4 Mile Post Road

    1383 Votes

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