Indianapolis Gay Cruising Areas

  • Castleton Mall Ayers Sears

    6020 E 82nd St, Indianapolis

    large heavy door at the entrance is noisy and once the person enters they must go down a small hall before they can see anything. Editor says: Another cruiser friend warned us that this place is unde ...

    rating of Castleton Mall Ayers & Sears

    2671 Votes

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

    1 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis

    he cruisy restroom has a highly polished
    stone floor, which makes it easy to view
    to and to the urinals. It also
    makes watching for security easier.
    Crowd: Businessmen and workers fro ...

    rating of Hyatt Regency Hotel

    2742 Votes

  • Webber Grill formerly Old Navy Store

    110 West Washington Street, Indianapolis

    pdate 7/2/2008: Old Navy is closed and Webber Grill is in its place.

    The restroom has six stalls with half doors and a row of undivided urinals. Guys sit and jerk in stalls while others check t ...

    rating of Webber Grill (formerly Old Navy Store)

    4324 Votes

  • Home Depot E Southport Rd

    4850 E Southport Rd, Indianapolis

    Crowd: str8 guys looking to J/O and get .

    rating of Home Depot, E Southport Rd

    4976 Votes

  • Indiana University Hospital

    550 University Blvd., Indianapolis

    Cruisy restroom, which attracts a younger
    student and medical resident crowd. It
    is busiest mid to late afternoon.
    Crowd: Younger medical students and workers.

    rating of Indiana University Hospital

    1730 Votes

  • City Park

    , Indianapolis

    his westside city park has great lunch time action. It has a large parking lot
    and trails through the bushes along Eagle
    Creek. Lots of blue collar guys from the
    factory across from the pa ...

    rating of City Park

    1974 Votes

  • Marsh West 38th 38th and 465

    , Indianapolis

    Crowd: Guys in cars. Most live in the area and have a place to go for . All types of guys from twinks to bears, young and old.

    rating of Marsh West 38th (38th and 465)

    2266 Votes

  • Flying J Truckstop

    , Indianapolis

    atch for wandering eyes in the men's restroom, back where the men's
    showers are. It gets real cruisy between midnight and 4 am. Don't be
    surprised to find people sitting in the stalls and usin ...

    rating of Flying J Truckstop

    3968 Votes

  • Garfield Park

    , Indianapolis

    A city Park that is under going renovation, it has walking and jogging trails.
    Crowd: Big, little, older, and younger.

    rating of Garfield Park

    1948 Votes

  • Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites

    Keystone at the Crossing, Indianapolis

    Crowd: Businessmen, college kids from the nearby fashion mall.

    rating of Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites

    4616 Votes