Ipswich Gay Cruising Areas

  • Chantry Park

    Hadliegh Road , Ipswich

    Toilet block is on the carpark gents to left wheelchair middle ladys right football changing rooms above.There is a pond and bushes behind .There is 2 cubicals and 1 long 1st cubical has a hole in do ...

    rating of Chantry Park
  • Needham Market

    Barrat Lane , Ipswich

    Small toilet block with car park attached. Has 3 to 4 place . One cubicle with hole in door.

    rating of Needham Market
  • A14 Barham Picnic Site

    , Ipswich

    Lots of outdoor action. Toilets are locked at 5 pm, but plenty of action to be had in the bushes.
    Crowd: Variety of guys: business, bi-curious, etc.

    rating of A14 Barham Picnic Site
  • Christchurch Park Bandstand

    , Ipswich

    Toilet has only one and one cubical with hole in door. Also a hole in window lets you see who's coming in.
    Crowd: All types of guys, ranging from old to young ones, plenty of around.

    rating of Christchurch Park Bandstand
  • Levington Marina formerly Old Felexstowe Road

    , Ipswich

    Crowd: Truckers, Age Groups From 25 To 40.

    rating of Levington Marina, formerly Old Felexstowe Road
  • Alderman Park

    Next to Ipswich town football ground, Portman Road , Ipswich

    A cruisy park with small cottage and a concealed riverside walk with lots of bushes to play about in.
    Crowd: Mostly oldies, but some chicken occasionaly.

    rating of Alderman Park
  • Dumbarton Road Rec

    Off Dumbarton Road , Ipswich

    2 cubicles and a . Normally very quiet and not often used.
    Crowd: All sorts.

    rating of Dumbarton Road Rec
  • Nacton Shore

    , Ipswich

    Crowd: All age groups, some straight men come here and strip off, but they are interested in a fumble, and love being looked at

    rating of Nacton Shore
  • Alexandra Park

    , Ipswich

    A park in a residential area(but not too residential). Toilet cubicle and a great meeting base.
    Crowd: Lots of blokes 18-60.

    rating of Alexandra Park
  • Priory Park old Ipswich Airport

    Off the A1189 , Ipswich

    This site has been the poor cousin to Nacton Shores for years, but now that Nacton is closed at 8pm in the evening then this site is getting used more. Known as a straight dogging site, guys are getti ...

    rating of Priory Park (old Ipswich Airport)
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