Irvine Gay Cruising Areas

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

    Jamboree Road, Irvine

    Crowd: Various types.

    rating of Hyatt Regency Hotel

    1724 Votes

  • Irvine Civic Cntr MarineMemorial

    Irvine Civic Center, Irvine

    ood amount of action...park is active during the noon hours and at other times for private, uninterrupted fun. Since Tustin (Harvard Park) facilities were undergoing renovation, this park picked up. B ...

    rating of Irvine Civic Cntr MarineMemorial

    1671 Votes

  • Irvine Spectrum Ent Ctr

    Spectrum - Irvine 405/5 Triangle, Irvine

    A lot of hot action in the restroom in the hallway near Dave and Busters...can be very active evenings.
    Crowd: Lots of young guys.

    rating of Irvine Spectrum Ent. Ctr.

    3921 Votes

  • John Wayne Airport

    , Irvine

    Some of the stalls offer excellent privacy.
    Crowd: travellers.

    rating of John Wayne Airport

    1525 Votes

  • William Mason Regional Park

    , Irvine

    Toilets on either side of the park with a lot of trees toward the rear.
    Crowd: Mostly cute young guys.

    rating of William Mason Regional Park

    2143 Votes

  • University of California Irvine Social Science Hall 4th floor

    Pereira at Social Dr., Irvine

    alk in to the restrooms. the stalls are in the back. there are 4 there. enough time to gather yourself if someone walks in. i dont think its ever patrolled.
    Crowd: college students. jocks. asians. ...

    rating of University of California Irvine Social Science Hall 4th floor

    3160 Votes

  • Windrow Community Park

    285 E Yale Loop, Irvine

    next to the boys and girls club
    Crowd: Younger guys looking for younger guys (early teens-late 20s)

    rating of Windrow Community Park

    1618 Votes

  • Irvine Community College Art Gallery B112

    5500 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine

    Crowd: younger guys

    rating of Irvine Community College Art Gallery B112

    1645 Votes

  • Barnes and Noble

    4600 Barranca Parkway, Irvine

    rating of Barnes and Noble

    1754 Votes

  • Windrow City Park

    , Irvine

    Crowd: People sitting in there cars in the shade enjoying their lunch or reading

    rating of Windrow City Park

    1162 Votes