Jackson Gay Cruising Areas

  • Parnam Bridges Park

    , Jackson

    This park was closed for almost 10 years and has only recently been reopened. It is a nice, woodsy setting.
    Crowd: All sorts.

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    2750 Votes

  • Crystal Lake

    , Jackson

    his park is very nice and woodsy. Half a mile paved drive through woods with parking areas at the beginning, middle and the end. All parking areas have easy access to the Lake. There is a crusie bath ...

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    1923 Votes

  • Pelahatchie Park at Reservoir

    , Jackson

    Can park and wait, or go to the men's room and wait for action.
    Crowd: All types.

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    2223 Votes

  • Oak Grove Subdivision

    , Jackson

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    1346 Votes

  • Browns Landing

    On Highway 43 between the Reservoir and the Natchez Trace, approx. 8 miles South of Canton and 3 mil, Jackson

    This is a public boat ramp for the Ross barnett Reservoir so be discreet and wait for those guys, who have been on the water for a long time, to gt their pee on and leave.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Browns Landing

    1725 Votes

  • River Bend

    , Jackson

    his little park has a loop drive
    north and south of the rest room.
    The loop to the Nnrth is not used
    much and is somewhat hidden. This
    park is used quite a bit- please be
    discrete and ...

    rating of River Bend

    1324 Votes

  • Battlefield Park

    Hwy 80 and Terry Road, Jackson

    This place is in the heart of the hood. If you are into black and , check it out.
    Crowd: Best and in the hood.

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    1352 Votes

  • Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail

    , Jackson

    Crowd: It is a hiking and Nature trail used by horses - so be sure, no horses you are probally A-OK.

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    1396 Votes

  • Boyds Site - Natchez Trace

    Just north of Jackson on the Natchez Trace, Jackson

    This is a tourist spot and rest stop for people traveling the Natchez Trace - Bicyclist, motor homes with ma and pa - so be discreet.
    Crowd: Everybody

    rating of Boyd's Site - Natchez Trace

    1277 Votes