Jersey City Gay Cruising Areas

  • Lincoln Park

    , Jersey City

    Crowd: All kinds, black, white, hispanic, young & old.

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    2655 Votes

  • NJCU Library

    , Jersey City

    Very hot guys around there! If they look interested, grab or rub your crotch and move to the nearest restroom.
    Crowd: Students

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    2507 Votes

  • Empty lot

    Corner of Dudley St. and Van Vorst, Jersey City

    mpty construction lot at the corner of Dudley and Van Vorst. This place along with the Hudson walkway have been becoming more popular with cruising activity. I just happened to find it walking home on ...

    rating of Empty lot

    2936 Votes

  • Newport Centre Mall Macys Department Store

    30 Mall Drive West, Jersey City, NJ 07310, Jersey City

    urniture Department men's room is where most of the action goes on. All the floors are cruisy, especially the men's clothing department! Take the action to the furniture department where there is less ...

    rating of Newport Centre Mall Macy's Department Store

    3770 Votes

  • Newport Center JC Penney

    10 Mall Dr W, Jersey City

    ruiser update 1/21/08: spot has been remodeled to a family style restroom... 2 stalls removed to make s

    No holes, but the walls of the stalls are low, so two people can get in.
    C ...

    rating of Newport Center JC Penney

    3969 Votes

  • Path Station

    , Jersey City

    t's sometimes HOT, sometimes nasty! A lot of homeless types some of the time, but other times there is a nice mix of most men of color jacking in the stalls. You can go to the roof park to carry on or ...

    rating of Path Station

    2255 Votes

  • Montgomery Street Pier

    end of Montgomery Street, Jersey City

    This spot is very hot. Meet alot of men who just want to get there load off. Mix of bussiness guys and locals. Just start chatting and take it from there.
    Crowd: mixed bag.

    rating of Montgomery Street  Pier

    1977 Votes

  • Taco Bell 440

    440 S, Jersey City

    Men's bathroom; private with and toilet.
    Crowd: All kinds; whoever you'd expect to see at a taco bell.

    rating of Taco Bell 440

    1916 Votes

  • Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island

    Liberty Island, Jersey City

    ocated on a 12 acre island, the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and ...

    rating of Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island

    1187 Votes