Kansas City Gay Cruising Areas

  • Minor Park

    , Kansas City

    Open public park. Picnic areas, soccer field, basketball courts. Action in the cars and other places.
    Crowd: All ages, mostly 35+.

    rating of Minor Park

    4019 Votes

  • UMKC Library

    Around 50th just off of Holmes, Kansas City

    Downstairs bathroom and 3rd and 4th floor are the best.
    Crowd: All ranges but mostly college students and grad students.

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    1896 Votes

  • Flemming Park

    , Kansas City

    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Flemming Park

    1707 Votes

  • Kenneth Rec Area

    , Kansas City

    ots of places to walk to. To the north, all the way across the polo field, into the woods or river bank.
    To the east behind the shelter house, lots of small grass hills and woods.
    Crowd: Everyon ...

    rating of Kenneth Rec Area

    1960 Votes

  • Blue Valley Park

    East 23rd, east of Van Brunt, Kansas City

    arge park with roads, parking area, lake and shelter house. many trails lead off road. You can go down in the woods if you want to. There are also 2 shelter houses and one restroom that are popular.

    rating of Blue Valley Park

    1656 Votes

  • Liberty Memorial

    , Kansas City

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Liberty Memorial

    2213 Votes

  • Swope Park

    , Kansas City

    Crowd: Married/Bi men on way to/from work. Park is busy with latinos and black families playing sports at various times.

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    1719 Votes

  • Marriott Downtown

    200 W 12th St., Kansas City

    Crowd: Business men of all kind.

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    1886 Votes

  • River Access

    , Kansas City

    his is a county park with a boat ramp to the Little Blue River, picnic shelter and baseball diamond. Watch for people fishing on the river. The shelter and diamond are very seldom used. Woods near the ...

    rating of River Access

    1260 Votes

  • Pioneer Mother Park

    , Kansas City

    Lots of trails on the wooded hillsides surrounding the south and west sides of the jogging path.
    Crowd: Wide variety of gay men.

    rating of Pioneer Mother Park

    1542 Votes