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  • Ft Henry Mall

    Cruising Areas

    Used to have s, peep holes in last 3 stalls so you can see if the guy next to you is stroking and show yours' not big enough to get through.

  • McDonalds

    Cruising Areas

    It is a picnic area for the resturant. You are covered by the cars and trees, but you have to go somewhere elese to play.
    Crowd: Young guys 18 and

  • Broad Street

    Cruising Areas

    The antique district in downtown Kingsport... Quiet, safe, well lit and not patrolled.
    Crowd: MEN...all ages. Young to old.

  • Target 2626 E Stone Dr

    Cruising Areas

    New shopping center in Kingsport on Stone Drive beside Lowes. This place has a huge parking lot right beside Stone Drive and provides plenty of privac