Kingston-upon-Hull Gay Cruising Areas

  • The Deep Car Park

    , Kingston-upon-Hull

    Crowd: Alot of young guys, old str8 and foreign.

    rating of The Deep Car Park

    2313 Votes

  • Pearson

    , Kingston-upon-Hull

    Had lots of luck with this place, but be careful of scallies out to rob ya. i've had a few guys with big .
    Crowd: Sometimes guys on night out, students, married, young.

    rating of Pearson

    2283 Votes

  • Princess Quay Carpark

    Center of Hull, Kingston-upon-Hull

    t has some gloryholes that sometimes have a tissue in to cover them up! But most guys look under or over and sometimes get in the cubical. Many a good I have had there.
    Crowd: Students, old men, l ...

    rating of Princess Quay Carpark

    3130 Votes

  • Picnic place-walking the dog

    Livingstone Road, Kingston-upon-Hull

    as a carpark at the front where sometimes straight people are shagging. Loads of cars come and go to, loads of bushes around the whole area. But main place is near the water in a bush to the right.

    rating of Picnic place-walking the dog

    2203 Votes

  • P O Ferries

    Drive onto the docks as if you are getting the ferry to Amsterdam. Before you reach the Terminal you, Kingston-upon-Hull

    Crowd: Young, Old, Business men, Foreign men.

    rating of P & O Ferries.

    3041 Votes

  • House of Fraser formerly Hammonds - 2nd Floor

    , Kingston-upon-Hull

    Men's toilets on the 2nd floor of Hammonds. Some action in urinals, some in lock-ups.
    Crowd: Plenty of Action - Young, Old, Straight?

    rating of House of Fraser ( formerly Hammonds)  - 2nd Floor

    3008 Votes

  • Queens Gardens Town Centre

    , Kingston-upon-Hull

    Dark, better as nobody can see what your up to
    Crowd: Young guys after a night out

    rating of Queens Gardens Town Centre

    3712 Votes

  • Hessle foreshore near windmill

    Hessle foreshore at the end, Kingston-upon-Hull

    Go for a walk under the Humberbridge into some woodland loads of trees and walks.
    Crowd: Lads, men.

    rating of Hessle foreshore near windmill

    3495 Votes

  • A165 Lay-by

    , Kingston-upon-Hull

    Plenty of areas, lay-by well off the main road.
    Crowd: Businessmen (reps), young guys.

    rating of A165 Lay-by

    5088 Votes

  • Victoria Square WC

    , Kingston-upon-Hull

    Crowd: All teens (over 18) to OAP's

    rating of Victoria Square WC

    2142 Votes

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