Knoxville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Sharps Ridge Park

    , Knoxville

    Nice outdoor park, no tearooms, lot of car cruising, trails in the woods have lot of action at different times of day.
    Crowd: College age to about 50.

    rating of Sharp's Ridge Park

    2246 Votes

  • IC King Park

    , Knoxville

    Great paths, well bushed, some fishing on lake, but play areas are out of the way.
    Crowd: Young/married.

    rating of IC King Park

    3238 Votes

  • West Town Mall Sears

    7600 Kingston Pk, Knoxville

    Tearoom gets busy with the real users but dies off for long periods of time.
    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of West Town Mall Sears

    1947 Votes

  • NorthWest Walking Trail

    , Knoxville

    Trail with jocks mostly, college, married, etc. Be friendly.
    Crowd: All different types, butch, young guys, married.

    rating of NorthWest Walking Trail

    2078 Votes

  • University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium Gate 3

    Neyland Drive, Knoxville

    t has 2 toilet stalls with locking doors and a between them. It is heated in winter and no AC per se but cool in summer as its under the stadium.
    Crowd: Mostly U.T. students and some older guys th ...

    rating of University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium Gate 3

    5248 Votes

  • Mayor Bob Leonard Park

    Watt Road, Knoxville

    edium washroom with two urinals and two toilets. No partitions between urinals, no doors on stalls. Main door makes lots of noise and is obscured by a privacy wall.
    Crowd: All types, college, older ...

    rating of Mayor Bob Leonard Park

    1752 Votes

  • ICKing Park

    , Knoxville

    uys cruise this park on both sides. The
    busiest area is at the first entrance,
    which has parking for about ten cars. The
    second entrance, which takes the overflow,
    has a trail under th ...

    rating of I.C.King Park

    1403 Votes

  • Stokley Athletic Center

    Johnny Maiors Blvd, Knoxville

    as at the game yesterday and needed to use the restroom so went into Stokley and walked into the restroom with two college guys getting it on. As I was coming out two more were coming in.
    It is th ...

    rating of Stokley Athletic Center

    1696 Votes

  • Dickerson Hill

    , Knoxville

    Dickerson Hill is cool, lots of paths everywhere. Carousel parking lot -- you don't even have to get out of your car.
    Crowd: Little of all kinds.

    rating of Dickerson Hill

    1849 Votes

  • Candy Factory

    1060 World's Fair Park Drive, Knoxville

    his is an old building converted to a shopping
    center with four levels of stores. Each
    level has a men's restroom. The cruisiest
    restroom is on the first level. Action
    throughout the d ...

    rating of Candy Factory

    1730 Votes