Knoxville Gay Cruising Areas

  • University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium Gate 3

    Neyland Drive , Knoxville

    It has 2 toilet stalls with locking doors and a between them. It is heated in winter and no AC per se but cool in summer as its under the stadium.
    Crowd: Mostly U.T. students and some older guys t ...

    rating of University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium Gate 3
  • Center formerly East Town Mall

    off I-640 , Knoxville

    I am new to KNX, 1st time at Dillards, 30 something guy came into my , me, I him, he my , even while straights used facility.
    Crowd: Young, middle age, white.

    rating of Center  (formerly East Town) Mall
  • Home Depot Centerline Drive

    4710 Centerline Drive , Knoxville

    Crowd: Builders, electricians, heating and air professionals, homeowners.

    rating of Home Depot, Centerline Drive
  • Stokley Athletic Center

    Johnny Maiors Blvd , Knoxville

    Was at the game yesterday and needed to use the restroom so went into Stokley and walked into the restroom with two college guys getting it on. As I was coming out two more were coming in.
    It is t ...

    rating of Stokley Athletic Center
  • Admiral Farragut Park

    , Knoxville

    Good mix of wooded and open fairways next to the beautiful Tennessee River. Covered and open picnic tables.
    Crowd: Bi married, some gays.

    rating of Admiral Farragut Park
  • Univ of Tn Conference Center 4th Floor

    600 Henley Street., Downtown Knoxville, Across from Sunsphere take trolly from UT Campus , Knoxville

    Large bathroom, quiet, lots of privacy - best kept secret at UT and downtown. Best place to get a ...
    Crowd: Hot UT studs, LOTS of Businessmen at UT for Conferences - LARGE private bathroom, plenty ...

    rating of Univ of Tn Conference Center 4th Floor
  • Pellissippi State Main campus off Hardin Valley

    , Knoxville

    The first you come to has a series of 4 holes you can see through.
    Crowd: College students, teachers and locals.

    rating of Pellissippi State Main campus off Hardin Valley
  • NorthWest Walking Trail

    , Knoxville

    Trail with jocks mostly, college, married, etc. Be friendly.
    Crowd: All different types, butch, young guys, married.

    rating of NorthWest Walking Trail
  • IC King Park

    , Knoxville

    Great paths, well bushed, some fishing on lake, but play areas are out of the way.
    Crowd: Young/married.

    rating of IC King Park
  • Sharps Ridge Park

    , Knoxville

    Nice outdoor park, no tearooms, lot of car cruising, trails in the woods have lot of action at different times of day.
    Crowd: College age to about 50.

    rating of Sharp's Ridge Park