Kuala Lumpur Gay Cruising Areas

  • Taman Tasik Permaisuri

    , Kuala Lumpur

    There is sometimes action amongst the bushes beside the fence -- also behind the toilet block.
    Crowd: Mixed ages/races.

    rating of Taman Tasik Permaisuri
  • Central Market Parking

    , Kuala Lumpur

    Seeing is believing, Izam, you should bring me there someday...
    Crowd: Mostly the young ones, but also the old ones when they feel lonely.

    rating of Central Market Parking
  • Kuala Lumpur Plaza

    Jalan Bukit Bintang , Kuala Lumpur

    I love the long line of urinals to peep away but I got to admit there were not many gays, but an enourmous lot of dicks in full view to peep at. Can be a paradise at times.
    Crowd: Locals

    rating of Kuala Lumpur Plaza
  • Hilton Hotel

    , Kuala Lumpur

    Washroom in the gym complex, plenty of guys naked and up for it.
    Crowd: All sorts but some great young guys.

    rating of Hilton Hotel
  • Ampang Park Shopping Centre

    Jalan Ampang - Jalan Tun Razak junction , Kuala Lumpur

    Toilets on the upper floors are quieter/better for action with anyone you pick up. No security!
    Crowd: All sorts of guys.

    rating of Ampang Park Shopping Centre
  • Kota Raya Shopping Complex

    , Kuala Lumpur

    Crowd: Mixed ages.

    rating of Kota Raya Shopping Complex
  • Bandar Tun Razak Swimming Pool

    , Kuala Lumpur

    Most action is of course in the changing rooms (especially the shower stalls), but some daring types will also cruise/flash within the actual pool, if you're lucky!
    Crowd: Mainly younger types. Mos ...

    rating of Bandar Tun Razak Swimming Pool
  • Chin Woo Stadium

    , Kuala Lumpur

    Most eye contact is in the showers or in the changing rooms upstairs. Sometimes if you click with a guy, you can get action in the toilet stalls. Some guys can be quite cruisy in the pool itself. (Mak ...

    rating of Chin Woo Stadium
  • Central Market

    Jalan Hang Kasturi , Kuala Lumpur

    Guys pretending to pee at the urinals; guys hanging around outside the stalls; guys hanging around outside the entrance.
    Crowd: Mostly Malays -- a few Indians and Chinese. All ages.

    rating of Central Market
  • Bintang Walk

    , Kuala Lumpur

    This street cruisy all day long, great for looking at men as well as cruising. After sunset men are out in force. There are lots of out door cafes, guys hook up and go elsewhere.
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Bintang Walk
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