Lake Charles Gay Cruising Areas

  • Nelson Road Boat Launch

    South End of Nelson Rd., Lake Charles

    End of Nelson road boat launch.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Nelson Road Boat Launch

    1452 Votes

  • JCPenney washrooms

    312 W Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles

    Is a really good place to get some . I used it all through college and got off every time. This store is kicking.

    rating of JCPenney, washrooms

    1292 Votes

  • I-10 Beach

    , Lake Charles

    I have had some very interesting times there. One on one and sometimes as many as 6 guys all together in an orgy.
    Crowd: swimmers,hot studs, businessmen, truckers, college boys.

    rating of I-10 Beach

    1565 Votes

  • McNeese College Kaufman Hall

    Ryan Street, Lake Charles

    Hot young guys wanting blowjobs or giving them.
    Crowd: College guys.

    rating of McNeese College Kaufman Hall

    1346 Votes

  • Farmers Market

    317 Pine street, Lake Charles

    rating of Farmers Market

    1493 Votes

  • Tuten Park

    , Lake Charles

    Had 34 yo with very nice 6 inch cut ...we both each other then to completion.
    Crowd: All types, from 20 to middle age guys.

    rating of Tuten Park

    1661 Votes

  • Civic Center

    , Lake Charles

    rating of Civic Center

    1673 Votes