Lancaster Gay Cruising Areas

  • Millersville University

    , Lancaster

    Go to the 2nd floor, not the 1st floor balcony, turn right and go all the way to the back right.
    Crowd: College students

    rating of Millersville University
  • Lancaster County Central Park

    , Lancaster

    Lots of trails. Easy to move the action to a secluded spot.
    Crowd: All Types

    rating of Lancaster County Central Park
  • Longs Park

    , Lancaster

    Do it in the bathroom or your car.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Longs Park
  • College Station

    Harrisburg Pk. across from F & M , Lancaster

    Editor says: 'This guy is asking for more listings on the Lancaster/York/Harrisburg area...what are you waiting for? The man needs to cruise! Help him!'

    Crowd: College guys and some older.

    rating of College Station
  • Park City Sears

    142 Park City Center . , Lancaster

    There are three s and two urinals. There aren't double doors, but the hallway is small enough that it allows you to hear people coming. There is also a partition right inside the door which blocks any ...

    rating of Park City Sears
  • West Orange St

    , Lancaster

    West Orange Street near the Tally-Ho bar
    becomes very cruisy after dark. Some hustlers
    from nearby Water Street, but mostly guys
    looking to hook up.
    Crowd: All ages, many younger, some ...

    rating of West Orange St.
  • Rockvale Mall

    rt.30 and 896 , Lancaster

    Crowd: Lots of guys, I off 6 guys there.

    rating of Rockvale Mall
  • Sunoco-SubwaySioserve

    , Lancaster

    3 stalls and 3 urinals, place can be hit or miss

    rating of Sunoco-SubwaySioserve
  • Centerville Rd Industrial Complex

    Hempland Rd. , Lancaster

    Nice sized industrial complex with lots of trucks at times...have fun!
    Crowd: truckers, blue collar workers

    rating of Centerville Rd. Industrial Complex
  • New Holland Park

    Corner of Kinzer & Jackson Street , Lancaster

    Nothing specific. Very nice, very clean. Quiet neighborhood.

    rating of New Holland Park
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