LB of Brent Gay Cruising Areas

  • Industrial Estate Wembley

    Just off Wembley Park tube station, LB of Brent

    Late at night it can be quite and can get some discrete fun.
    Crowd: , drinking, outdoor fun.

    rating of Industrial Estate Wembley

    2210 Votes

  • Wembley Park Tube

    , LB of Brent

    Crowd: Suits on way home from work, locals guys, mixed age group.

    rating of Wembley Park Tube

    4072 Votes

  • Dollis Hill Jubilee Line

    Northbound Jubilee Line, after Willesden Green, LB of Brent

    n the main platform, towards the front of the northbound train. After work -- 5.30-7.30 and quiet after that (for now ;-). Not too sure yet, not everyone knows it's there, those don't travel to Zone 3 ...

    rating of Dollis Hill (Jubilee Line)

    2749 Votes

  • Kilburn Underground Station

    Kilburn Underground Station, LB of Brent

    Crowd: commuters/builders

    rating of Kilburn Underground Station

    1964 Votes

  • Barn Hill

    , LB of Brent

    Crowd: Mixed crowd, but usually young guys.

    rating of Barn Hill

    1365 Votes

  • Fryent Way car park for Fryent Country park

    NW9, LB of Brent

    ryent Way Car Park in the centre of the Park, west of the A4140.
    Its a secluded car park with very few visitors and you can get on with whatever you want. In the car is usually fine but its probabl ...

    rating of Fryent Way car park for Fryent Country park

    1810 Votes

  • kilburn grange park

    , LB of Brent

    Cruising within the park mainly towards the football pitch.

    rating of kilburn grange park

    1663 Votes

  • Gibbons Rec

    , LB of Brent

    Crowd: Mixed Bag

    rating of Gibbons Rec

    1327 Votes

  • Barham Park

    , LB of Brent

    Crowd: mixed bag

    rating of Barham Park

    1848 Votes