Leeds Gay Cruising Areas

  • Morrisons Supermarket Horsforth leeds

    SE2338 : New entrance, Morrisons, Town St, Horsforth , Leeds

    This is one of the older Morrisons supermarkets, which seemed large when I moved to Horsforth about 25 years ago. Its small by modern standards and on a fairly cramped site. There were plans to expand ...

    rating of Morrisons Supermarket Horsforth leeds
  • Canalside by Armley Mills Leeds

    Leeds , Leeds

    Canalside under bridge adjacent to Armley Mills, go under bridge and turn towards leeds centre, there are two arches under roadway, there are gaps in fence, arches are perfect for outdoor daytime and ...

    rating of Canalside by Armley Mills Leeds
  • Barwick Road Garforth

    Barwick Road Garforth Leeds , Leeds

    Wooded area, plenty of trees and bushes for action.

    rating of Barwick Road, Garforth
  • Black Hill Lane

    black hill lane , Leeds

    Woods with plenty of secluded areas off the pathways.

    rating of Black Hill Lane
  • Otley Chevin

    Yorkgate Otley , Leeds

    small secluded carpark lots of woods for privacy closed at 6.30pm - ideal for cruisers.

    rating of Otley Chevin
  • Swillington Common

    Swillington , Leeds

    Large green wooded area.
    Crowd: Van drivers, youngsters, middle aged business men.

    rating of Swillington Common
  • Manston Park-Crossgates

    Austhorpe Road, Crossgates, Leeds ls15 , Leeds

    The park is huge. There's football fields and a park. Have a walk around the edges. There's loads of bushes with space behind them that's very discreet.
    Crowd: Ages range from young guys to older g ...

    rating of Manston Park-Crossgates
  • British Home Stores

    Bond St Shopping Centre , Leeds

    This is on the lower floor through the cafe.
    Crowd: City guys in suits, shoppers and students.

    rating of British Home Stores
  • Becketts Park

    St Anne's Road. , Leeds

    Loads of students live around the wood and go to the campus.
    Crowd: Only seen Students so far.

    rating of Beckett's Park
  • Leeds Met Cloth Hall Court

    Quebec Street, LS1 2HA , Leeds

    Crowd: Students, Lectures.

    rating of Leeds Met (Cloth Hall Court)