Lexington Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Romantix - Adult Superstore

    Winchester Road, Lexington

    pen 24 Hours, $5 minimum arcade purchase per visit, added to a card that the arcade booths use. Very clean. Windows in booths allow you to be seen if you want, booths have plenty of room for 4 or more ...

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  • KY After Dark

    Winchester Rd., Lexington

    The booths are plenty big enough for 2 guys. Spacious hallways, LOTS of booths, good selection of . shop, buddy booths.
    Crowd: College guys, trolls, twinks, businessmen, a good mix of guys.

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    5938 Votes

  • Hook Novelty

    940 Winchester Rd., Lexington

    ruiser update 1/24/2008: Hook is pleased to announce the opening of the Large Preview Room/Theatre at Hook Novelity, 940 Winchester Road on Friday Jan. 25th at 9am. Hook is the only Adult Store with A ...

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  • 2004 Video

    2004 Family Circle Drive, Lexington

    ruiser Update: Back 3 booths have Large enough holes to do whatever you need. Place is very clean.

    Two hallways with doors to booths on either side of the first hallway and only one side of the ...

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  • The Bookstore

    942 Winchester Rd, Lexington

    his place is a little more sleazy than most in Lexington. If you are just looking to get off quick, this is a good spot. Guys are ALWAYS in the hallways, ready to .
    Crowd: College guys, average eve ...

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