Lexington Gay Cruising Areas

  • UK Campus

    White Hall Classroom Building 0025 , Lexington

    A men's restroom with four stalls and five urinals. Guys of all ages and sizes either stand at the urinals and stroke or stay in the stalls and wait for a neighbor.
    Crowd: Mostly campus people, but ...

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  • Wal-Mart

    3180 Richmond Rd. , Lexington

    Crowd: All Types

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  • Jacobson Park

    , Lexington

    Several cruisy areas and places for open-air . Very popular in the summer with sun-bathers who enjoy "showing off". If exhibitionism and mutual j/o is your scene, this is the place for you. There is a ...

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  • Woodland Park

    , Lexington

    It's a well-lit park, but most of the lights go down after midnite. Stay in the shadows. There's a nice side-show in the park of skateboarders using their facility-hot. There's also another place that ...

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  • University of Kentucky Fine Arts Building

    Rose Street , Lexington

    Two stalls, lots of graffiti, no holes, big open space under wall between. Two urinals.
    Crowd: Some students and faculty.

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  • Alley off of Water Street

    , Lexington

    Guys cruise the alley late at night in
    cars and on foot. Lots of guys leaning
    against the wall waiting to connect, some
    are for rent.

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  • Fayette Mall Lazarus

    3301 Nicholasville Rd , Lexington

    This place can be hot! Alot of hot employees cruise there including one black manager. (WOW what a hot !) Not alot of traffic usually, has outer door that is loud for warning. Can do mess around at ur ...

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  • Meijer

    Sir Barton Way, Hamburg Pavilion , Lexington

    Nice and clean. Easy access for under wall action with lots of places close by to go for real fun if desired. Can be alot of traffic at times, but have found it to be worth the wait a few times. Sever ...

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  • Knights Inn Lexington

    , Lexington

    Cheap no-tell Motel.
    Crowd: Tourists, truckers, horse track people, a mixed bag.

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  • Wal-Mart

    500 West New Circle Road , Lexington

    Crowd: all types - lots of papis

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