Limassol Gay Bars Clubs

  • Alalou Bar

    50 metres from Hamam Baths, Limassol

    Run by a bad-tempered old queen, this is the bar to avoid in Limassol. All local gays other than a few transvestites stay away from here.
    Crowd: Transvestites and old queens.

    rating of Alalou Bar

    1194 Votes

  • Alaloum Bar Club

    Makarios III Avenue, Limassol

    Crowd: Gay, transvesties, young soldiers (sometimes asking for money)

    rating of Alaloum Bar & Club

    1962 Votes

  • Jacare Bar Previously JampA

    Diagonally across from the Park Beach Hotel, behind the Irish Pub, Limassol

    Young trendy gays. Lately quite busy

    rating of Jacare Bar (Previously J&A )

    1243 Votes