Lindsay Gay Cruising Areas

  • Scugog River Under the Bridge

    , Lindsay

    The only bridge downtown Lindsay, almost downtown. Part of the Scugog River.

    rating of Scugog River (Under the Bridge)
  • Lindsay Locks

    , Lindsay

    Can be quite busy during the day with families, but the washrooms are not used that often and can be fairly quiet.
    Crowd: Ages range from 20 up to 50. Mostly a younger crowd.

    rating of Lindsay Locks
  • Zellers Washrooms

    401 Kent Street West , Lindsay

    Meet out on the floor then go to the washrooms, or go to the washrooms and hang out by the sinks.
    Crowd: Employees, mall staff, local college guys.

    rating of Zellers Washrooms
  • Lindsay Square Mall Bathroom

    401 Kent Street West. , Lindsay

    Men's washroom down the hall accross from the gallery on right hand side.
    Crowd: Local college guys etc.

    rating of Lindsay Square Mall Bathroom.
  • Riviera Park

    North of Locks on Lindsay St. , Lindsay

    Crowd: Its a good mix but there are a couple of local older gents who get a little annoying.

    rating of Riviera Park