Lismore Gay Cruising Areas

  • Boatshed Nature Reserve

    , Lismore

    ar park is well back from the highway, giving some security. Walking track follows the river with trees all around. Large open field is perfect at night for nudity and hard , but bring insect repellen ...

    rating of Boatshed Nature Reserve

    1766 Votes

  • Victoria St Park

    Victoria St under bridge, access it from Market St,, Lismore

    oilet with 2 cubicles and separate . Spy hole between the brick shithouses. Low doors you can peek over, I've always been in luck here seeing in hand and blokes almost every visit.
    Crowd: All sor ...

    rating of Victoria St Park

    1741 Votes

  • Lismore Railway Station

    Union Street, Lismore

    Single cubicle and trough.
    Crowd: Very mixed crowd.

    rating of Lismore Railway Station

    1936 Votes

  • Wade Park

    , Lismore

    Crowd: uni boys

    rating of Wade Park

    1685 Votes

  • Lismore Lake

    , Lismore

    Lots of hiding places in the bushes, to play all day.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Lismore Lake

    1432 Votes