Long Beach Gay Cruising Areas

  • Los Altos Shopping Center

    2150 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach

    Quiet, out of the way restroom. The stalls not visible from restroom entrance door.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Marine Stadium

    Appian Way, Long Beach

    Mostly cruising in cars, but there is a public restroom which is cruisy. Stalls have been removed but this hasn't stopped the activity.
    Crowd: All types in cars.

    rating of Marine Stadium

    6306 Votes

  • Long Beach City College D Building

    4901 E. Carson St., Long Beach

    t is a college restroom. There are 3 stalls, the last two are used for cruising. No s, but a lot of writing on the walls.
    Crowd: College studs, Latinos, Asians, white, black guys...good-looking and ...

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    4434 Votes

  • Bluff Park

    , Long Beach

    ave a seat on the bench and stroke or rub until you get attention, then hook up and go into the dark for BJ, stroke and more...Some crusing along the bike path also, but beware of lifeguards in unlit ...

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    2343 Votes

  • Port Of Long Beach

    at the end of the 710 Freeway, Long Beach

    t's a non-functioning, filthy, overflowing toilets head...it's BEAUTIFUL! two s, one on the last to the left, but the thick wall prevents a lot of ability to "get" to the . But, the other is on the ...

    rating of Port Of Long Beach

    3240 Votes

  • Recreation Park

    7th Street, Long Beach

    lot of sucking and j/o. There are 4 stalls with no doors and there's a window that you can see the side of the park. You can expect anything...and anyone since it's in the middle of so many recreatio ...

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    2688 Votes

  • Granada Ocean parking lot

    , Long Beach

    o nude sunbathing but guys lay out in sand by sidewalk/wall. Restroom can be very cruisy but watch for ethnic families on weekends with screaming children! Weekdays are better.
    Crowd: All kinds, co ...

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    2258 Votes

  • Belmont Pier Park

    , Long Beach

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    1738 Votes

  • Heartwell Park

    5801 E. Parkcrest St, Long Beach

    heck out the bathroom, it is located next to the maintenance yard. Have never seen any police around, but you never know, so be careful.
    Crowd: All types, college studs, businessmen, joggers, Asian ...

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    3602 Votes

  • California State University Long Beach

    Off the 22 & 605 fwys, at 7th Street, Long Beach

    Holes appear, then are sealed, then reappear.
    Crowd: Young college guys, .

    rating of California State University Long Beach

    2112 Votes