Loughborough Gay Cruising Areas

  • Hathern layby

    A6 loughborough road , Loughborough

    Large layby used by truckers on weekday evenings as a stopover,fair bit of gay action going on as it gets dark

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  • Kegworth Cottages

    The Square, Kegworth , Loughborough

    Mostly used by locals who either work there or live there. It is in the square, opposite the Co-op and closes at 5pm. Busiest time is lunch time.

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  • Loughbrough Students Union

    Ashby Road , Loughborough

    Open to public in the day, busy at night times with big events on Wednesday and Friday nights.

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  • Swannymote Road Car Park

    Shepshed , Loughborough

    This is a small car park, only big enough for about 8 cars or so. People sit in cars or go for walk. Plenty of places to play and hide, careful of dog walkers and some mountain bikers, This place is u ...

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  • Morrisons

    Morrisons Supermarket, Loughborough , Loughborough

    update 11/20/2008: There are no s now and all doors have bolts on . Warn everyone to look out for the cleaner he can be a bit of a pain.
    Crowd: Mixture.

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  • Charnwood Water

    Off Tuckers Rd , Loughborough

    Car park & cottage, large lake with footpath round, also large grassed park
    Crowd: Depending on the time- avoid times when families may be around

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  • Woodgate Multi-Storey Car Park

    Bee Hive Lane - LE11 2TR , Loughborough

    s, big enough to get a through. All ages and sometimes a couple of guys dressed in ladies' underwear.
    Crowd: All types.

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