Lynchburg Gay Cruising Areas

  • BarnesampNoble

    4024 Wards Rd. #C, Lynchburg

    or those who don't know, B&N is one of the major retail bookstores in the world. It has books in all varieties and subjects. Also includes an electronic section and a cafe. Internet accessible as well ...

    rating of Barnes&Noble

    1249 Votes

  • Belk in the River Ridge Mall

    3405 Candlers Mountain Rd, Lynchburg

    he belk bathroom is located next to the purses and shoes. You take a left once you get down that hallway, then another left. Head straight for the back and go thru the door, there is another door that ...

    rating of Belk in the River Ridge Mall

    2098 Votes

  • Walmart

    3900 Wards Rd, Lynchburg

    Walmart is one of the busiest ( and cruisiest ) places in lynchburg if you're wanting a quick and fun time this!

    rating of Walmart

    1193 Votes

  • Kmart

    2315 Wards Road, Lynchburg

    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Kmart

    1474 Votes

  • Peaks View

    , Lynchburg

    Cross-arched foot bridge; go to end of field to bamboo forest to be alone.
    Crowd: All types of people, major Lynchburg cruise area.

    rating of Peaks View

    2021 Votes

  • Blackwater Creek Recreation Area

    515 Monticello Ave., Lynchburg

    The trail below the fields is pretty cruisy, as is the covered pavillion below the parking lot.
    Crowd: Everybody

    rating of Blackwater Creek Recreation Area

    1945 Votes

  • River Ridge Mall Sears

    3405 Candlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg

    Crowd: everyone, cute college guys who work at sears take breaks often

    rating of River Ridge Mall Sears

    1810 Votes

  • Lynchburg College

    1501 Lakeside Dr., Lynchburg

    ynchburg College. I believe that kind of sums it up. It is a 4 year, Liberal Arts college, located in Lynchburg, College. It's also a private college. Hmm, as for membership, mostly college students a ...

    rating of Lynchburg College

    1661 Votes