Madison Gay Cruising Areas

  • Burrows Park

    Sherman Ave by Fullers Woods in Maple Bluff, Madison

    Be patient, sometimes nothing is going on there, sometimes it is very active. Just wait around. It isn't patrolled at all.
    Crowd: It is mostly average joes.

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  • Edgewater Hotel

    666 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison

    Crowd: College students.

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  • University of Wisconsin Union

    800 Langdon Street, Madison

    he bathrooms on the main floor towards where all the main seating and stage, accross from the outside terraces, are the best place for . It is better weekday afternoons and evenings than weekends. I p ...

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  • Capitol Square

    , Madison

    t's the public right-of-way, so in this case the cops are our friends and guardians. This is a place for meeting guys and taking it home, but not nearby. It's safe and adequately lit and there are gre ...

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  • Wayside MI T-room

    I-94 and Hwy 51, Madison

    2 stalls are available for 'privacy'. But sometimes, the truckers are especially frisky, and might take you back to their trucks for a 'ride'.
    Crowd: Mainly truckers and business men.

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  • Olin ParkTurville Woods

    , Madison

    void the park with the lawn. Take your walk in the woods. Miles of path through the woods and along the lake. Lots of native habitat. Watch for owls, spring wild flowers, though do not pick them. If y ...

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  • Token Creek County Park

    , Madison

    Guys cruise this park mostly in the late
    afternoons. Most of the activity occurs
    at the rear of the park near the picnic
    Crowd: Mostly after work crowd.

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  • Barnes and Noble

    In West Towne Mall complex, Madison

    uys come in and out of the bathroom at a fairly steady, but not unbroken pace. Grab an open and sit down, read what people have written, or grab a magazine. A magazine lying around indicates a lot of ...

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  • West Towne Mall

    66 W Towne Mall, Madison

    he West Towne bathrooms are clean and well kept. Both have been seeing some more activity, so don't be shy. Take the middle or farthest and wait a bit to let noise die down a bit (not a big problem i ...

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  • Hoyt Park

    , Madison

    This cruisy park has several secluded trails, one of which winds through a wooded ravine.
    Day time encounters happen, but activity is best at sundown.

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