Madisonville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Madisonville City Park

    , Madisonville

    ark is open and cruisy all year. Restroom
    can be active in summer but does not provide
    much warning. It is closed in winter.
    Guys park facing the drive to indicate
    their interest in me ...

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  • Grapevine Lake

    , Madisonville

    Kind of hidden. May want to meet and go somewhere else.
    Crowd: A mix from prep's, married and trools. Be selective.

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    1256 Votes

  • The Parkway Plaza Mall

    401 Madison Square Avenue. Madisonville, KY 42431, Madisonville

    wo s, and a . No one can possibly see in the back and when you get a cruiser, they will come out of their and wait waving their foot under your door waiting for you to let them in.
    Crowd: Younger ...

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