Manama Gay Bars Clubs

  • Awal Hotel - Celebrity Bar

    Al Kalifa Road, Manama

    ice little bar/disco with somewhat good music. Not too large, but with interesting crowd of mixed assortment of men. Mostly young guys and some older tourist. Look over the DJ's booth very funny sign: ...

    rating of Awal Hotel - Celebrity Bar

    2779 Votes

  • Likwed

    City Center Hotel, Manama

    rating of Likwed

    2139 Votes

  • Wendys Bar

    Gulf Gate Hotel, Manama

    Pretty conservative, but the only place in the country.
    Crowd: Local and foreigner gays, trade looking for a little $ or free drinks. Some str8 guys.

    rating of Wendy's Bar

    4198 Votes

  • Costa Coffee

    City Centre Hotel, Manama

    ice coffee shop, similar to Starbucks, great to sit in, even if you don't find anyone.
    Crowd: The clientele at this place is slightly gay. There are some americans, usually late or mid 20's, very d ...

    rating of Costa Coffee

    2458 Votes