Forbidden Fruit Ltd.

20 Amherst Street

(603) 625-1911

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Each door has a small four inch window.

  • Hours:Monday - Saturday 10 am - midnight, Sunday noon to 10 pm.
    Best times: Saturday mornings are best, Nights can be slow, days are dead.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Cruising is ok but no more; good place to make contact, but no on site action. bring mirror and look under stalls.
    Cruisiest Spots: Update 1/6/2009: there is now a glory hole there. last both on the end near the bathroom
  • Nudity / Policy:Staff doesn't seem to care if you're spending money.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Windows cut into doors. A lot of lights and a clear view from the store attendants. Not even a comfortable place to jerk off to a video.
whos coming to Forbidden Fruit Ltd.
  • Anyone looking to meet there this week?

    Commented on 12/19/2010 7:36:23 PM

  • Multiple booths with Glory holes. I have been there twice in the last couple of weeks and had a great time.

    Commented on 5/23/2009 4:32:31 AM

  • the glory hole is kinda low, but at least it's there
    there was a booth hog in the adjoining booth today who stayed forever

    Commented on 2/27/2009 9:36:48 AM

  • yes there is...last booths down the hall

    Commented on 1/31/2009 6:24:21 AM

  • there is a glory hole there now.

    Commented on 1/15/2009 1:32:11 AM

  • there is a glory hole there now.

    Commented on 1/15/2009 1:32:08 AM

  • Have anyone ever been to this place, any glory holes?

    Commented on 1/24/2008 3:11:01 AM