Manchester Gay Cruising Areas

  • A635 Binn Green Layby

    , Manchester

    Secluded parking area with foot access
    to busy (but secluded) spots.
    Crowd: Motorists, holiday boyz, husbands.

    rating of A635 Binn Green Layby

    2736 Votes

  • Manchester Victoria National Rail Station

    Station Approach, Todd Street, Manchester, Manchester

    ruiser update: The small gents toilet in the bar/cafe has been cleaned up and now has a combination lock. You have to get the combination from the barman. There is a camera facing this door now. Not g ...

    rating of Manchester Victoria National Rail Station

    7626 Votes

  • Stalybridge Canal

    Stalybridge, Manchester

    he canal restoration through Stalybridge has opened up a whole new cruising area with plenty of quiet unlit areas away from habitation. All types coming here -- plenty for everyone.
    Crowd: All ages ...

    rating of Stalybridge Canal

    2965 Votes

  • Rochdale Canal Next To Canal St

    , Manchester

    ruiser update 4/4/2008: The main cruising area is now further down, near JD Sports, and there is another tunnel further down too, however, this one is covered by a camera. Not seen a camera on the fir ...

    rating of Rochdale Canal (Next To Canal St).

    15677 Votes

  • Trafford Water Sports Centre formerly Sale Water Park Visitor Centre Car Park

    , Manchester

    he bushes and woods are active during
    favorable weather. But the rain doesn't
    dampen the spirits. Some hot group
    action takes place in the bushes and
    trees when you'd expect most guys to ...

    rating of Trafford Water  Sports Centre formerly Sale Water Park Visitor Centre Car Park

    16348 Votes

  • Gorton Market

    Gorton Rd., Manchester

    o gloryholes, only peepholes.
    Cubicles well lit, loads of written offers, from various age groups. Patience is sometimes needed, can be quiet at times. Great local rough looking lads & college ty ...

    rating of Gorton Market

    2063 Votes

  • M62 Birch Services Moto

    On M62 -- north of Manchester, Manchester

    Busy motorway toilets used by general public, so be discreet.
    Crowd: drivers, truckers, reps, gays, bi's, straights all ages, some fit young guys.

    rating of M62 Birch Services (Moto)

    9514 Votes

  • John Rylands University Library

    Basement toilets, Manchester

    've had many student in my mouth...One first year springs to mind...I snogged the guy and we each other off for a good two hours, which ended with him shooting over my shoulder. He was the best kiss ...

    rating of John Rylands University Library

    5507 Votes

  • Boggart Hole Clough

    , Manchester

    ot as busy as it should be as there are plenty of bushes away from the beaten track which means that you can have fun without being discovered by dog walkers. straight bloke types, but be careful and ...

    rating of Boggart Hole Clough

    4573 Votes

  • Royal Exchange Shopping Arcade

    St. Ann's Square, Manchester

    Gloryhole, hot action, peepholes,
    and enough room for feeling up
    your trick. Quiet and secluded action.
    Crowd: Local lads and the occasional old age***br***pensioner.

    rating of Royal Exchange Shopping Arcade

    1776 Votes