Marin County Gay Cruising Areas

  • Red Rock Beach

    , Marin County

    straight guys who shoot and run. Rangers/cops are never a problem. It's a small beach and can fill up quickly on weekends.
    Crowd: Red Rock seems mostly sraight, but you will notice guys sneeking ar ...

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  • Black Sand Beach

    , Marin County

    Beautiful beach. Weekdays can be slow, but weekends can be quite busy. About half the beach goers gay men.
    Crowd: Avid nudies

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  • Hagmier Pond

    , Marin County

    Nude sunbathing is fog, even when the coast is socked in. The variety of guys here is a turn-on, with more masculine types and outdoors types. Swimming can be good, though some years the po ...

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  • Kirby Cove

    , Marin County

    Die-hard skinny-dippers and sunbathers continue to use five little coves off Conzelman Road in Sausalito, even though the trails (all of which are posted "closed") are slippery and, GGNRA officials sa ...

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  • Bass Lake

    , Marin County

    Small crowds because of the hike. But you can find a warm group when you get there.
    Crowd: Avid nudies

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  • Limantour Beach

    , Marin County

    Beach is 7 miles long and is perfect for a long nude jog. However, bring something to cover yourself in case of uptight non-nudes. Be discreet about .
    Crowd: Mixed crowd including many gay men.

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  • Muir Beach Little Beach

    , Marin County

    Get there by 11am or there is no parking on summer weekends.
    Crowd: Mixed.

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  • RCA Beach

    , Marin County

    Peaceful beach. Never crowded.
    Crowd: Mixed gay & straight

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  • Starlight Meadow

    , Marin County

    60 acres of beautiful meadow suurounded by 200 acres of trees. Steep trail near by leads to Hagmier pond. Can be lots of fun :-)
    Crowd: Mostly gay men.

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  • Rodeo Beach Restroom

    101N exit Alexndr, first L, thru tunnel, all way to beach/end road. , Marin County

    Big between the 2 stalls.
    Crowd: Surfer dudes, hikers, some tourists.

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