Melbourne Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Gardenvale Toilets

    Gardenvale Station Car Park , Melbourne

    cruiser adds 3/24/2008: there is NO , just a large disabled-style cubical with one stainless steel pan.

    Traffic near by, but toilets are fairly quiet, enough for fun. Usually writing on the wal ...

    rating of Gardenvale Toilets
  • 530 Collins Street Food Court Toilets

    530 collins Street , Melbourne

    At the very back of the food court there is a hallway leading to the mens toilets (between the chinese takeaway and the newsagent). There is TWO doors before you get into the toilet (the first leads ...

    rating of 530 Collins Street Food Court Toilets
  • Movida Toilets Little Bourke Street

    500 bourke , Melbourne

    Quiet toilet block just behind the Movida café on Little Bourke. 2 stalls with plenty of warning if someone is coming (two doors before entry) Enter near the stairs in the alley, or walk past Movida ...

    rating of Movida Toilets Little Bourke Street
  • Sunbury Cemetery park toilets

    , Melbourne

    Great location away from centre of town, and good as can hear cars driving up on dirt road as approaching so pretty safe.
    Crowd: Different types of guys, mostly in cars, though some young ones with ...

    rating of Sunbury Cemetery park toilets
  • Narren Warren Toilets

    Next to the New Aquatic Centre , Melbourne

    One of the best toilets I have seen, s have now been covered. Just needs more guys to turn up. It may pick up now because of the warm weather and the opening of the new Aquatic Centre.

    rating of Narren Warren Toilets
  • Mentone Beach Toilets

    Corner Balcombe and Beach Roads , Melbourne

    Action in the public toilet, your car or the beachside track.

    rating of Mentone Beach Toilets
  • Alma Park Public Toilet

    , Melbourne

    Busy toilet and well-bushed park.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Alma Park & Public Toilet
  • Reserve Rd Public Toilet

    Reserve Rd & Berkeley St, Hawthorn , Melbourne

    Small public toilet. Action takes place inside, at or in the cubicle. Fast advised.
    Crowd: Blue collar, business guys, cab drivers and college boys.

    rating of Reserve Rd Public Toilet
  • Flinders St Station Toilets

    Flinders and Swanston , Melbourne

    The toilets at the new end of the station near the main entrance are often a bit busy during the day. The other set of toilets at the far end are a lot bigger and quieter. There are about 10 cubicles, ...

    rating of Flinders St Station Toilets
  • Fawkner Park Toilets

    Commercial Road, opposite the entrance to the hospital. Follow the tree-lined path that runs between , Melbourne

    Large washroom. Two urinals, two cubicles (one handicapped).
    Crowd: Office workers at lunch, other park users.

    rating of Fawkner Park Toilets